Blogging from Madrid …

Here I am posting on a weblog from a bus stop opposite the Retiro Park, courtesy of the FON hotspot in the building near me!

One day soon, all streetcorners will be connected up like this.

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FON at National Telecoms Forum

I’m speaking on behalf of FON at the National Telecoms Forum on Wednesday March 8th in the Burlington Hotel. The event is run by First Tuesday Ireland. I will be honoured to be speaking alongside such industry stalwarts as Charlie Ardagh of Magnet and David McRedmond of Eircom. We’re going to be talking about consolidation, convergence and getting broadband penetration levels up. It will be an interesting discussion, well worth the admission fee (and they even throw in lunch). If any of my loyal and patient readers are there, be sure to come up and say hello.

telephone voice-response systems vs Humans on

There is a thread on Edward Tufte’s website about the use of IVR systems. I take an atypical view on this – I think that consumers have a completely unrealistic expectation of telephone customer service. It’s just too expensive to provide. Progressive companies need to come up with other support channels, or better still they need to come up with products and services that don’t need as much handholding.

Video of Digital Rights Ireland talk

The video of the talk by Suw Charman in Trinity College in cooperation with the TCD Legal Workshop is now available.

Part 1 – Begins with introductions by Eoin O’Dell.

Part 2 begins with TJ McIntyre in full flight.

Thanks to Ole for sorting out the video!

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