Transport Authority for Dublin

Dublin is going to have a transport authority, to sort out the mess on the roads and trains. Margaret O’Mahoney of Trinity College has been appointed to get the whole thing set up.

It isn’t clear what the Transport Authority is supposed to do. Is it going to run public transport, as Transport for London does , or is it going to be a hands-off regulator, like telecomms watchdog ComReg. Personally, I think it needs to be the former, but I have a feeling we’re going to end up with the latter.

One area I am interested in is public transport information. Maps, timetables real-time information and so on are an important part of modern infrastructure.

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You should only have to log on once.

You should only have to log on once. It’s insecure and awkward to have to log on separately to every different website you visit. Personally, I probably have 10 or 20 different sites that I’ve set up usernames and passwords with and it’s a real pain to keep track of. As John Udell points out in his screencast (flash required) if you use the same password on all the sites you visit, and one of them gets compromised, then you’re in big trouble, because your whole identity can then easily be hacked.

This problem effects nearly every Internet user I know. It’s a really big problem, and no one is taking it seriously enough. There are a couple of solutions, but none of them is quite satisfactory just yet.

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wi-fi in cafes

Always On carries an article about not being able to get a seat in Starbucks at 11am and suggests that this is a sign of the strength of demand for wireless broadband. He obviously doesn’t see the obvious reason why people are there: Starbuck’s provide the cheapest serviced office space in New York and other global capitals, whilst at the same time paying some of the highest rents in the world. The whole thing is unsustainable. Having wi-fi in the cafe just makes things even worse. Read about the experience at Victrola in Seattle.